Witches of Norwood County book cover illustration

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Witches of Norwood County

Written by Wendi Whitsett
Cover by Will Kozak and Amanda Smith


This is the first illustration collaboration between myself and gifted designer/illustrator Amanda Smith. Amanda also happens to be my "spirit mate", and we decided that just collaboratively batting our eyelashes at one another all day wasn't enough, we needed creative collaboration as well. And a kick ass portfolio. Enter talented and wildly imaginative author Wendi Whitsett. Wendi hired us to illustrate The Witches of Norwood County book cover and has already signed us up for another upcoming graphic novel, The Figure Eights."


The Witches of Norwood County book cover was started with hand drawn elements I scanned ad digitally placed. From there Amanda did her thing and polished my illustration into a spectacularly vivid and fun image. A smashing success, I can't wait to work with her some more. Heart exploding emoticon.  



Witches of Norwood County foreword by Virginia Kay Walker:

“Witches…we’re not what you think. We’re not green-skinned, covered in warts; we don’t cook in cauldrons, eat babies. Hell, we’re not even all women. Witches can be guys, too. I’m a witch. A famous one. They call me the ‘Weaver’. Because I can weave, re-imagine, the Fabric of reality. Sounds a bit crazy. I wasn’t always like this. I was born a sleeper—a person unaware of magic. My grandmother used to say—the world is full of magic, Virginia. I learned, late one rainy winter night, that she was wrong. The world isn’t full of magic, it Is magic.”

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