Angler Art - Will Kozak Illustration, Oceanside, CA

Angler Art: Will Kozak is the primary designer for Pizz Customs, which specializes in making swimbaits, painting hard baits, painting hard swimbaits, and painting bait cast reels. Pizz Customs will occasionally paint a specialty item like a face mask or wood carving, but our focus is strictly about lure performance. Many months have gone in to developing a high performance product for the tournament anglers and trophy bass hunters.Confidence in a lure is a key ingredient to catching fish. The goal of Pizz Customs is to provide you with a top of the line product, excellent customer service, and very fast turnaround times.

Angler Art – Robot Illustration

This robot fishing lure sketch is hand drawn and inked in my sketchbook, scanned and then colored via Photoshop.

Illustrated for a promotion by Pizz Customs in Los Angeles, this angler art is part of a collection of fishing lure robots that is still in progress as of this post.