Robot Characters - Austin Band Art, Character & Pattern Design - Will Kozak Illustration, Austin, Texas

Austin Band Art: Rockbots


Hand drawn, digitally colored and creatively arranged. Collaborative effort with my partner Amanda Smith of SoCal design studio A. Smith and Co.


As a comic book artist and children's book illustrator, the little boy in me loves dinosaurs, trucks, explosions and especially robots. I needed a few robot characters designed for a series of children's clothing, so I went to the old sketchbook and dug out a few of my older doodle designs and expanded upon them. My intention was to draw these characters in traditional rock n' roll poses and make them look like they are mid-performance. 


My favorite product we developed with this is the Rockbots all-over pattern tshirt.

Robot Characters - Austin Band Art, Will Kozak Illustration - A. Smith and Co., Austin, Texas  designThe pattern itself was put together by Amanda. Pattern Design is an important aspect of A. Smith and Co.'s creative services. Whether it be in print design, product design, web design and now illustration, we thrive to create the most dynamic and innovative patterns possible.


Since these Robot Characters in our Rockbots design are intended for use in apparel, such as tshirts and hoodies, many products are available in the A. Smith and Co. shop.