Austin Children's Book Illustrator: Finally Available!

We've released our first children's picture book publication in the Doctor Dude Presents series. It's a coming of age adventure story geared towards educating kids on scientific fundamentals, and how they pertain to our existence on this big blue rock. The book has some fun elements from fantasy and science fiction, and also promotes free thought and how to treat one another with kindness and respect regardless of belief.

ROUGH STORYBOARD FOR FANTASTICAL DEEP SEA SCENE, Will Kozak Illustration, A Smith and Co, Illustration and Design in Austin, TX

Big ideas, vibrant artwork and a story any child can enjoy, this book will have it all. Written by author Bryce Dodson, it will include over 20 pages of original artwork by Amanda and myself. My job was to come up with the visual concepts, compositions, pencil the storyboards and final artwork by hand, and do some freehand inking. Then some of my illustrations were digitally inked, and all of them digitally colored in Photoshop, by the beautiful and talented Amanda Smith, of our full service Austin Graphic Arts Studio A. Smith and Co. Amanda also handled all of the graphic design for the book and really made our work sing. I'm so proud of this book and hope everyone enjoys it.