Children's Book Illustration: Character Development

Amanda and I are teaming up with children's book author Bryce Dodson to create a publication geared towards the education and reassurance of secular children. Whether our little readers are being raised in free-thinking families or are simply skeptics by nature (as Bryce, Amanda and myself were), we want to encourage them to find confidence in their own discoveries while respecting the beliefs of others. As for the children's book illustration, our goal is to bring Dodson's writing to life, and we started with the development of his three main characters here: Doctor Dude, Dawnie and Abbie.

A note from author Bryce Dodson

Are you raising a young skeptic & freethinker? Well we're publishing a fun & educational picture book for secular kids.



Are you raising a little skeptic?  Maybe your family are the only non-believers on the block? Experiencing difficulty locating reading material for your young atheist? Want to teach your kids about religion from a secular perspective? Or give them a head start on science?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this is the campaign to support!


My name is Bryce and I live in a small town tucked away in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.  My degrees are in Cellular/Molecular Biology and Education. In early November 2015, I had an epiphany to write educational books and create an ambassador for children of atheist/agnostic parents. Since then, I have been busy outlining and writing the first book and locating talented illustrators.

The working title for the first book is titled "Who is God?". The story covers a broad range of topics, from the Origins of the Abrahamic God to The Big Bang. 


Doctor Dude is the central figure, a professor-like character and conceptual expert. He is a mellow and amusing fellow with a well-rounded educated background.Dawnie is Doctor Dude’s dog and sidekick, complementing Doctor Dude’s personality. 


Book Objectives

  • Alleviate the fear young freethinkers may experience coming out of the proverbial closet.

  • Supply tools for young non-believers so they are comfortable among their theist and deist peers.

  • Provide the fundamentals of the scientific theories critical in understanding our world. 

  • Plant the seeds of skepticism and critical thinking skills.

Children's book illustration