Cover Artwork by Will Kozak Illustration in Oceanside California, North San Diego County and Los Angeles, California. E-Book

Cover Artwork – The Id of Elle

Hand drawn illustration, digitally finished in Photoshop. This cover artwork was a collaborative project with my beautiful partner Amanda Smith of A. Smith and Co. graphic design studios in San Diego and Los Angeles.
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Cover Artwork: "A terrifyingly titillating tale of teething talismans..." says Oonagh of Oonagh's Hats 'n Hair.

The human mind is a powerful thing. It creates whole worlds, vast unimaginable imaginings. It has created their world. A world of creatures, characters, and coalesced beings from the singly-purposed to the multi-layered self-realized. Where human thought, emotion, and belief are the holy trinity. Imbued with the power to give birth to monsters, angels, and beams of light. Or destroy them with a simple turning of the head.

Elle is the Tooth Fairy. And she is simply ‘done’ with the whole of it. Humanity, teeth, the fat man. But there are some advantages to being around since the dawn of the human psyche. Elle has collected millennia of her world’s holy trinity. Year after year, cry after cry, tooth after bloody tooth. Her only problem being her collection of belief sits, waiting to be used. Waiting to be unleashed and wash the human imagination clean.

Nick is the white-bearded sleigh-bell-swinging fat man of lore. Nick seeks the one thing he cannot have—actualized will and the ability to escape his design. To imagine himself as he pleases.

When Nick learns of a legendary device—the will-giver—he sets out to find it for himself. Intent on using whatever means necessary to obtain the thing that could change the shape of their world…and his rotund belly.