Missing Crowns - The Id of Elle - Will Kozak Illustration

The Missing Crowns Cover Art, Id of Elle book illustration.

I'm proud to unveil this exciting and vivid cover illustration. It features comic book style digital artwork, pencils, inks and colors. I've included a carousel gallery below that includes a visual record of my process work, cuz that's fun. The image depicts the protagonist and her bestie, Elle and Bloody Mary, tearing it up in a muscle car race.

The Missing Crowns cover art is the second cover I've illustrated for the Id of Elle series. Id of Elle is written by Wendi Whitsett.

In this second installment of the telling of talismans---theft and murder are afoot in the world of the imagined.

The Tooth Fairy collects crowns like Imelda Marcos collects shoes. And someone in her world has stolen them. Her once teetering tower of hats has been reduced to a desolate mountain of black velvet, steel, and dust. With her thief leaving riddles for the hunt...

"Your hats, your crowns, so precious and dear,
They wait for reunion, so eager, so near.
Where the sun sets red, where the wicked and ghastly play,
Where the darkness pulls in the east, but the lightness keeps it at bay.
A place where anguish is welcome and flesh deep,
Where the symbols are meant to keep.
Now no more than just for the bourgeois,
A place where the colors and pain run red and raw.
A place where saying it isn’t enough.
A place where showing it stings to the rough."

To make matters worse, her world is falling apart. As a rogue character steps through his calling in the human world. Unaware of his purpose, taking his job seriously. Too seriously. Crossing the barrier between imagination and the real world. Leaving behind a trail of baffling assaults worthy of tabloid headlines.