LA Comic Book Art

Aleera Bellamy is a biomechanical engineer of renowned status and infamous acts. After years of research, Aleera has found a way to capture the very essence of thought. Digitize and transmit it across the airwaves. There is only one problem. Like many scientists, Aleera has the patience of a Texas oil tycoon in a dry winter. When Aleera uses the technology on herself, she discovers a boon and surprise—she can hear the thoughts of one of her patients... Big Momma.


After their meeting of minds, Big Momma becomes Aleera’s right-hand and cybernetically-enhanced canine. Big Momma assigns herself the role of brood-leader and mad-scientist lab assistant. But Big Momma is not just thirteen pounds of gorgeous flesh and fur. She is part dog, part technology, and all ambition. And she is changing.


Together, the canine-godfather and human-biohacker, perfect their small army of robot dogs and set off into the world to exact revenge on those who’ve been—as Big Momma would say—naughty dogs.

What will Big Momma and her brood of organic and inorganic canine friends become? And will her human be able to keep up…

Hand drawn comic book page. Inked and colored by Amanda Smith of graphic design studio A. Smith and Co. in North San Diego County and now Los Angeles. 


The Figure Eights is written by the lovely and talented Wendi Whitsett, who donates 50% of the sale proceeds of The Figure Eights to Austin Pets Alive! in Austin, Texas. Austin Pets Alive! is a shelter and leader in the No-Kill movement. Their innovative approaches to animal rescue, care, and re-homing have saved the lives of thousands of dogs and cats.