E-Book Artwork by Will Kozak Illustration in Oceanside, CA. The Id of Elle Series is written by Wendi Whitsett.

Paradox of Nature, Cover Art Illustration

Paradox of Nature - I'm proud to unveil this exciting and vivid cover illustration for Paradox of Nature, the 3rd installment of the Id of Elle series. It features comic book style digital artwork, pencils, inks and colors. I've included a carousel gallery below that includes a visual record of my process work for Paradox of Nature, cuz that's fun. The image depicts the protagonist Elle and her arch nemesis, Bradley, eyeing one another up before what is sure to be an epic battle between kinda-good and sorta-evil.

This Paradox of Nature cover art is the third cover I've illustrated for the Id of Elle series. Brooklyn, New York graphic designer Amanda Smith contributed to polishing the final artwork. Id of Elle, Paradox of Nature is written by Wendi Whitsett.


Elle skipped around North America. As fast as she could; hoping to lose Bradley. She passed in and out the human psyche faster than she could ever remember doing. As a mouse, as a fairy, as a rat, as a little old man, as mere thought.

“Wow. What was that? That was totally weird,” Bradley said as Elle paused in Utah. “I didn’t even get my toes wet on those. Like I was dreaming or something. Did we even go anywhere?”
Elle rounded on Bradley. “Why are you following me!?”

Bradley shrugged, the squared line of her pink jacket lifting at the top. “I dunno.”
“You don’t know?”

“You just…taste good. I mean, this is awesome, right?! The two of us? We could be like, Tooth Fairy twins!”
Elle choked on a bit of imagined ‘vom’ in her throat then stepped.

“I mean, we’re practically twins now. Ooh! Look at that!” she crossed the girl’s bedroom and bent over the nightstand. “Why don’t you look like that?”

Elle did not turn. But eyed the thing that Bradley was staring at. A card, not drawn by the child, but by some company. The face of it displaying a happy flitting fairy.

“Because I don’t want to,” she said and stepped.

As Elle side-stepped from the home into the next, with Bradley on her heels, she considered Bradley’s answer. Because I taste good. Could Bradley be absorbing not only Elle’s energy but that of her lore? That of the belief in Elle?

Bradley spun in place. Reimagining herself in the Hallmark-version of the Tooth Fairy. A sheer and bulbous white and pink tutu. A white sateen top with puffed sleeves. A glinting tiara and long shimmery wand.
“Holy magenta! This is so fab! You should totally try this!” Bradley screwed up her plastic face and stared down Elle. Like she was trying to hypnotize her. She grunted and strained. Her hardened cream-colored cheeks turning a firey nail-polish-red.

At least she can’t do that. The fact that Bradley could find Elle, could ‘taste’ her. Could follow and usurp her duties and life…was bad. But the idea that Bradley could affect Elle’s form was not formed from nightmares, it was a nightmare. A breaking of the laws of physics, common sense, and most importantly, common decency.
But to have Bradley change Elle’s chosen form…Elle would dissolve herself first. Any universe in which that was allowed to happen, she wanted no part of.

“You forgot the wings,” Elle muttered.